Apennine wolf museum Lynz Wolf faunal area

Apennine wolf museum

The museum is in Civitella Alfedena (2 kilometres from Villetta Barrea) in an ex stable near the visitors bureau in the National Park of Abruzzo. It has got an extensive documentation on the Apennine wolf and its habits.

A skeleton, an embalmed wolf, and a diorama of a wolf den with fake wolves are exhibited. The staff is there to give you information, and there are also some explanatory posters: you can learn a lot about this animal and the way to get to the two faunal areas

Wolf faunal area

The way to it is very easy: from the Wolf Museum to Santa Lucia Square. On the right the path overlooks the faunal area of the Apennine wolf. If you pay attention you will see some wolves on the hill that dominates the reserve behind the lake of Barrea.

Lynx faunal area

The way to it is very easy: go through the old town centre on the right, and go straight on the path that runs along the fenced area where the mysterious feline lives. 

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